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Oxygen Builder WooCommerce templates

WooCommerce elements for Oxyelements design set.
Get Cart, Checkout, My Account and more!

Get Oxyelements and Woocommerce elements
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Build a WooCommerce
Site with Oxygen
Less time, Less hassle
We've created essential WooCommerce elements.
Template pages
Shop Template
My Account Template
Order tracking Template
Cart Template
Checkout Template
Single product

Template pages
for you professional

You can import the Woocommerce template pages right into your oxygen builder installation and use it together all the other designs from oxyelements.

E-commerce Menu
optimized for mobile

Built-in cart icon with dynamically updated order quantity number.

We have prepared the PHP code. Just copy and paste into functions.php or a plugin like Code Snippets, and you are good to go.

Search for products using the included search bar.
It has customized been both visually and technically.

Checkout Template
minimal scrolling
better overview

You can import the checkout page right into 
your checkout page created by woocommerce.

Shop page,
Product archive,
and Category pages

List your products in a minimalistic professional way

WooCommerce Cart
grow you basket size
with quantity buttons

With oxyelements custom features, your customers can increase or decrease product quantity with an instant update, in a new sleek design. 

The cart automatically updates when the customer makes changes. The "update" is triggered using JavaScript.

WooCommerce shops
based on built-in
oxygen components

Since version 3.0 of Oxygen Builder, it has been possible to build WooCommerce shops with built-in oxygen components. 

The elements can all be edited within the Oxygen Builder editor interface. 
One challenge is that it does require a significant amount of time to make the e-commerce elements match the appearance of the rest a website. 

We have made "one click" modules that fit the design of other Oxyelements elements, which speeds up the process of building a webshop significantly.

Additionally we have added custom PHP and JavaScript code to bring in cool features such as dynamically updated cart button in the menu.

Get Oxyelements and Woocommerce elements
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