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What's New

1st of June, 2020 - Single Post with conditional tag and category fields

We have made the category and tag fields hide and show depending on if the particular post has a category or a tag.

This is done with the Oxygen Builder condition feature using the dynamic field, PHP function, and the built-in functions for determining if a post has a tag or category:



The result is that your single post layouts will adapt to different situations where you might decide to use tags, categories, or not at all.

Another minor change

We adjusted the "Add project" form in "My account" to be more clear which fields to fill out and how.

28th of May, 2020 - My Account notice

To make it easy to see when your credit card will expire, we added a notice that will show 14 days before your primary credit card is set to expire.

You can then add new default card to your account to continue using Oxyelements with no interruptions.

25th of May, 2020 - Renamed CSS classes

We have renamed CSS classes of common elements to better organize classes and to make it easier to remember and reuse for example "basic-btn" is renamed to "btn".

1st of April, 2020 - New support chat in my account

We have added a live chat feature to "my account" area. If you need any assistance, now you can just click on live chat and one of our team members will help you out.

6th of March, 2020 - Bug fix to checkout due to plugin conflict

Fixed a bug that caused a problem to our checkout process.

28th of February, 2020 - Fixed login redirect issue

We noticed that our login page was not redirecting users properly after account credentials are filled in. By performing small tweaks we fixed this issue and now login redirect works as it should.

24th of February, 2020 - Added missing p tags to elements

Based on feedback from one of our users we have added missing p tags to all multi-line texts in "Features" - related components.

We care about SEO and we will continue to improve our design elements to make them more SEO friendly.

21st of February, 2020 - Repeater field bug fix

We made changes to all our repeater based elements as we noticed that there is some conflict in the way how Oxygen Builder renders repeater posts in the editor, when posts are empty and when there are no posts.

Now, all our Repeater elements will handle this issue more gracefully.

10th of February, 2020 - Slider Elements

Oxyelements now has 7 new Slider elements. Check out the designs here. You can use these elements for almost any occasion:

  • Logo slider
  • Product showcase
  • Customer review
  • Full-screen slider
  • and more...

14th of February, 2020 - Oxyelements' homepage got refreshed

We're always looking for ways to improve User Experience of our visitors so we made few changes to our landing page.

31st of January, 2020 - Free Resources

We made our "Resources" page easier to navigate depending on what our users are looking for. At this moment we have 90+ resources for web design: Illustrations, images, tools, plugins, code snippets and more.

12th of December, 2019 - 10 New Repeater elements

Many have requested elements based on the repeater component. And we also see the great potential in being able to easily customize and add extra components to the elements.

We have made some ideal for traditional blog post archives and some for displaying team members or clients. It all depends on which post type you load. You can check them here.

12th of November, 2019 - Website update: About Us page

We have created About Us page on our website so you can learn more about our small team and our design philosophy.

15th of October, 2019 - Contact Form 7 elements

We decided to create design elements for Contact Form 7 as it is lightweight, free and widely used on millions of websites.

In our Contact Category you will see that we have 12 different variations of forms and maps. To use them you only need to change the shortcode to your own form.

10th of October, 2019 - Mega Menus & Accordions

Mega Menus:

7 new elements in Mega Menu Category.

When setting up one of these new mega menus we recommend using one for desktop and another for mobile. We already made a blog post showing how to do that, please have a look here.


We added 5 new elements in Accordions Category.

Interesting fact: We made custom expand/collapse icon for two of the accordion elements.

The icons flip when you expand/collapse. Pick your own icon if you feel adventurous.

25th of July, 2019 - Easier "Login"

Based on suggestions from our users we have turned our email-only login into a traditional login with email and password. Check it out → https://oxyelements.com/login

19th of July, 2019 - Support email & Minor bug fix

New feature:

We added a support section to the Account Dashboard. Next time you need support, you can easily find our email.

Bug fix:

Fixed a blog post element that didn't adapt well to mobile screens. Check out the new improved version here: Basic Single Post 2.

Protip: if you click “See live preview” you can see how it looks on different screen sizes.

4th of July, 2019 - New feature & new elements

New feature:

We are happy to say that our users now can build websites easier and faster, using oxyelements.

Basically, we have been tweaking the Oxygen Builder site key so that we can use our own images in the library.

The benefit is that we can use a GIF to show a header instead of the standard renderings that look the same for all headers.

Next time you try to load a header element it should look something like this.

5 new elements to our Design Set:

17th of June, 2019 - Your plan just got upgraded!

We are happy to announce a change in our plans that you will benefit from.

Yes, that's right - based on beta feedback we are now changing and simplifying the plans.

From now on we will only have our Standard plan:

  • UNLIMITED projects/websites for 9 USD / month

In other words - The same price as before, but no limits in the number of websites you can create for yourself and your clients.

Previously we were offering:

  • Standard - 3 projects/websites for 9 USD / month
  • Professional - 50 projects/websites for 29 USD / month.

16th of June, 2019 - 10 New Elements

30th of May, 2019 - Oxyelements' library is now open for beta testers

We are slowly opening up for access to the first beta testers. Request access here: https://oxyelements.com/get-access/

New addition to our library - Responsive Modal Menus

We added 4 new elements to our Headers Category: Modal Menu 1, Modal Menu 2, Modal Menu 3, Modal Menu 4

9th of May, 2019 - Oxyelements' Design Set will soon be open for first beta testers

Since the announcement of 2.3. version of Oxygen Builder, We started to gather and create Design Elements for it.

Our goal is simple, to improve Oxygen Builder users' workflow by making our elements available to the community for a small monthly subscription that would allow us to maintain and expand the selection.

Elements we made so far:

Basic Headers, Pricings, Features, Schedule, CTAs, Service, About, Steps/List, Descriptions, Footers, Heroes, Testimonials