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We know how important it is to have great visuals when making a new web design. We gathered a list of some of our favorite free and premium resources for web design: images, videos, plugins, code snippets and more.
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Stock Video for your Website

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Illustrations for your Web Design

Free Illustrations


DrawKit.io is a great place for startups and designers that are looking for the beautiful artwork. Here you can find free and amazing MIT Licensed illustrations that you can use for your next project, website or app.
Free Illustrations


Amazing source of illustrations for your designs. Also, to make sure that the colours of illustrations match your brand identity you can change the colour of illustrations directly on their website (before downloading).
Free Illustrations


If you're looking for a strange and absurd, yet beautiful illustration for your next design, this is a place to go.
Free Illustrations


ManyPixels has a lot of free and awesome images in their "free illustrations" section. Colour change feature is always a nice touch and it gives you an opportunity to match these illustrations with your brand.
Free Illustrations

Lstore Graphics - Whoosh

Whoosh by Lstore Graphics is a great source of vivid illustrations which will spice up your website or mobile applications. Besides illustrations, Lstore offers other useful assets and tools for designers.
Free Illustrations


Stubborn is a place where you can find high-quality digital resources which make your design workflow faster. We had a lot of fun playing with their illustration generator. It allows you to create, edit and combine character elements easily. Make sure to check it out!
Free Illustrations


As their name says, Humaaans provide beautiful and easily customizable illustrations of people. All of the elements act like legos. Mix them to your preferences, and you'll have perfect illustrations for your next project.
Free Illustrations

IconScout - Paper Illustrations

Here you'll find a set of 20 ready to use paper style illustrations made by IconScout. You can use them anywhere you want. They are free for both personal and commercial use.
Free Illustrations


Outlane focuses on providing design solutions for eCommerce. If you're on a budget, just jump to their freebie page and check their free graphic resources. Among illustrations, you'll find some patterns and web gradients as well.

SVG Generators

Minimalistic Icons

Logo Makers

Mockups to showcase your design

Color Tools

Color Tools

Color Hunt

Amazing, clean and easy to use colour tool! Color Hunt is a collection of beautiful colors, and it's updated on a daily basis.
Color Tools


When it comes to web design, colour selections may be one of the most important choices we make. With HueSnap, you can snap an image and then use this tool to extract colours from it and turn them into a palette. Simple as that!
Color Tools


Awesome colour tool for designers that uses Ai to recognise and suggest colours you'll like. You can use Khroma to search, discover and save your favourite colour combinations.
Color Tools

Adobe Color CC

With Adobe Colour CC not only you can create your own colour palettes, but it also gives you the opportunity to explore what others have created.
Color Tools

Eva Design System

Welcome to Eva Design System color generator. Put your primary brand color, and the generator will create the rest of Semantic colors for you. When you find the scheme that works best for you, go to the "Export" button and choose one of four available options (JPG, JSON, Nebular theme, UI Kitten theme).
Color Tools

Colors & Fonts

Colors & Fonts simplifies the process of finding the perfect colors for your next project. Type the color of your wish in search bar and all the palettes with that specific color will appear in front of you. Beside palettes on C&F, you can find gradients, font pairing and material design tools as well.
Color Tools


If you're struggling with finding the right color combinations check out Culrs. All the colors are carefully picked and curated into fancy palettes. You can choose through four main categories: Analogous, Triad, Tetradic and Monochromatic.
Color Tools


It is like Google, just for colors. Type in desired term and Picular will give you all the colors that match your search. Then you can go through the colors and pin the ones you like to create an amazing palette. How cool is that!
Color Tools

Freebiesbug - coolHue

CoolHue is a collection of background gradients. At this point, the collection has exactly 60 color gradients ready to be imported in a CSS file. Also, you can download gradients in .png format.

Great Design Inspiration

WordPress Snippets

CSS Animations

CSS Animations


Codrops is a blog where you can find a lot of useful information about web development and web design. The blog is being updated frequently and if you are looking for new ideas on how to make your website more beautiful or tutorials this a great place to go to.
CSS Animations


A free tool that allows you to play with pre-made CSS animations. Animista comes in handy because it allows you to see how different options affect your animation. It simplifies an animating process and makes it more fun!
CSS Animations

Magic Animations

If you want to add a bit of Magic to your new project visit this website. You'll be able to experiment with various different animations and their demo application is super cool.
CSS Animations


Looking for cool and free animated icons? Say no more! Just visit useAnimations and pick the ones that suit you best. Icons are fully customizable in Adobe AE. New animations are being added every week.
CSS Animations


This simple tool enables you to create elegant and modern background effects. To be more precise, It's a lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles. In a few minutes, you'll have an impressive background that can change the overall feel of the page.
CSS Animations

Free Code Camp Tutorial

This tutorial comes from freeCodeCamp. It's a great place where you can find interesting articles, videos & interactive lessons about coding. With this simple guide, you'll learn how a flex item can shrink or grow to fit the space available in its flex container.

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