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Frequently asked questions

What will happen if I unsubscribe from oxyelements?

Nothing will happen to the elements you have already used in your web designs, but you won't be able to load new elements. 

What license do you offer?

Both Personal and Commercial projects. This means you are welcome to use this on websites you make for clients.

When you want to use our elements on a new website you set up a new project on our website with the associated domain. Then you can load elements from our site. If you want, you can deactivate a project's access, for example, if the client is no longer paying you.

Can I resell my license?

The license does not permit reselling elements for example in a service similar to oxylements. (neither as individual elements nor as parts of combined elements).

Can I use designs from oxyelements in client projects?

Yes. You can use it for both your own and your clients' websites.

Do I get Woocommerce elements in the subscription?

Yes! Our design set includes all our elements also the design templates for woocommerce. You can read more about them here:
Do you offer a one-time payment option?
We don't. We are using a subscription model because we intend to invest in maintaining and further developing the library.

We want to offer oxyelements as cheap as possible so more people can benefit from it, which a subscription model allows us to do. And active subscribers will keep getting new updates, features, etc