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How to Pick Hero Images for Landingpages

Today, in the world of technology, with millions of websites, it takes just a few seconds to form an opinion about a website. It is said that first impressions last. Most people require less than a minute to scan a website, and there is no better way to attract your target audience than using the right images on your website.

Every picture tells a story; it depends on what kind of story you want to communicate through your website.

Hero Images are perfect communication tools for your website. These images are one of the first things people notice when they browse through your website. It is crucial to take full advantage of these images; so that you can grab the attention of as many people as possible.

Picking a Hero Image

Hero Images are known for capturing your audience’s attention as well as emphasizing the value of your product. Pictures can help amplify the "why" behind a company's product or offering.

Below are some of the things to consider before picking a hero image for your website:

1. Context

The whole motivation behind using hero images is to provide your audience with a context for your product. It is important to stick to only one message per image.

For instance, if you have only one product, your website should have an image that only focuses on that product.

It helps people understand the primary element of your company and gives them clarity about the product and its usage.

2. Play with Colors

Brighter colors attract our eyes. It is found that when people see bright colors such as red, yellow, green, blue, etc. they are more prone to remember the image and thus the product.

There is indeed no one particular color that is loved by the majority. That is why; try to blend popular colors in your hero image and present an eye-catching image for everyone in your audience.

This will help you attract more audiences and beautify your website as well.

If you need help finding some great color palettes for your website check out some of these color tools.

3. Power of Faces

Many people relate to the images which are closer to their reality. In today’s time, when everything is turning virtual, people crave human touch, real-life images, etc.

Try to capture people living an ordinary life and use that to promote the value of your product.

This will help you increase the value of your product and help you target a more significant number of audiences.

4. Idolize your Product

Always picture your website according to your product. Let the website and the hero image revolve around the theme of your product.

Never choose an image of something remotely related to your product instead of selecting the image of the product your company sells.

This will help you reflect on the value and principles of your product and your company. Moreover, it will also let people get the gist of what your company wants to sell.

5. Use Text

Not everyone can decode the story you want to convey through your pictures. Hence it is important to add texts to your hero images; so that you provide absolute clarity to your audience about the company and its products.

This will help you convey the brand’s message to the people effectively.

In the oxyelements design set, you will find several hero elements with overlaying text. Check the selection of hero elements with text.

6. Adding Emotions

In this materialistic world, awake your audience’s soul by astonishing them with a hero image that touches them deeply.

Select an image that engages them to their sensitive side and leave them with so many emotions that they can’t ignore.

This will help you grab the audiences’ attention when they land on your homepage and later seduces them to stay on the website to get more knowledge about your product.

7. Use High-Resolution Images

No one likes unprofessionalism. When you don’t use HD hero images, you give the audience a chance to criticize the quality of your work.

Using only HD images will enhance the traffic of your website and also conveys a positive first impression.

Looking to find a great high-resolution image for your hero, you can check out our list of free Stock Photo websites.

8. Easy to Read

Today, where every new technology is making our life simpler, ensure that the hero images and the text written on it are easy to read and in simple language.

If people don’t understand something written on your website, they are most likely to skip on to another site. People today don’t have that much time to decode the meaning behind your writings. So, it is essential to use attractive and straightforward typography.

This will help people stay at your website longer and involve them more in your website.

9. Different Devices

Everybody today has different devices, and it is important that your website and your hero images work properly on every device.

Optimize your hero image sizes to ensure it works properly on every device from laptops to phones to tablets, and it also works properly on every operating system such as Android and iOS.

This will help you cover a larger audience and increase the traffic of your website.

10. Try using Illustrations

It is not necessary to only use hero images to attract more audience. You can consider using illustrations as well. Using videos will help people understand your product better.

It will also increase the response time. By using videos, illustrations, or animated descriptions of your product, you will see a significant increase in the traffic to your website.

People will understand the value of your product better and will also help them understand the usage and the applications of your product.

Things to avoid while selecting a hero image

Prevention is better than cure. It is important to know what you shouldn’t do while selecting a hero image for your website. Below are some of the mistakes people do while selecting hero images:

  1. Using multiple images: Using more than one image will deviate the focus from the hero image.
  2. Errors: People often forget to proofread the texts they put on with the hero images and that affects the standard and quality of the website.
  3. Picking random or irrelevant images that don’t support your business values or the Product you are trying to sell.

Lets Create

The major focus while creating a website is to make people aware of the product and the values on which the company stands. Hero images, without any doubt, amplify the layout of the website and help in creating history.

Start using beautiful hero image sections on your website using oxyelements’ hero elements.