Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of license will you offer?

Both Personal and Commercial projects. This means you are welcome to use this on websites you make for clients.

When you want to use our elements on a new website you set up a new project on our website with the associated domain. Then you can load elements from our site. If you want, you can deactivate a project's access, for example, if the client is no longer paying you.

If you chose to cancel your subscription with us, all projects will be deactivated until you subscribe again.

You can still use the elements you have already used in your web designs, for that particular use case.

The license does not permit reselling elements for example in a service similar to oxylements. (neither as individual elements nor as parts of combined elements).

Can I use designs from oxyelements in client projects?


You can use it for both your own and your clients' websites.

User can also deactivate projects when you hand over the project to the client, if you wish.

What will happen if I unsubscribe from oxyelements?

If you chose to unsubscribe from us, all projects will be deactivated until you resubscribe.

You can still use the elements you have already used in your web designs, for that particular use case.

Can I sell my own designs on your website? (kind of like a marketplace)

Not right now.

We are considering this as we think it could expand the selection of elements and make the Oxygen Builder ecosystem even better. We will most likely, look for designers that would like to sell their elements to us or work for us on a freelance basis, in the beginning. Setting up a marketplace is more complex from quality assurance, promotion, technical, and tax/legal point of view.

If you have some designs in mind you would like us to consider, please send us a link. We would love to take a look at it

How will you deal with this subscription model?

Subscribers set up a project per domain they want to use the elements on.

Since the site-key could be shared with everyone we decided to allow subscribers to add projects on our site.

When a user adds the site-key to a domain that is associated with their project on our site, it will load all the elements they want.

If they unsubscribe the project will be set on pause from our side and prevent the use of the key on the project domains.

User can also deactivate projects when they hand it over to clients or similar.

Do you offer a one-time payment option?

We don't.

We are using a subscription model because we intend to invest in maintaining and further developing the library.

We want to offer oxyelements as cheap as possible so more people can benefit from it, which a subscription model allows us to do. And active subscribers well keep getting new updates, features, etc.

In addition to designs, are also looking to offer some elements that integrate some commonly used plugins like Contact Form 7, WooCommerce and similar. Another thing we are looking into is more complex PHP elements for example “related posts” made with a custom PHP Code block and Easy Posts.

Do the elements follow an "open standard"?

We have put great effort into staying consistent with naming conventions and putting as many styles into global classes as possible.

So if you use several elements on the same website and adjust the global styles, the design of all elements would follow settings.

This will make it incredibly efficient to make a new website.