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Oxyelements is run by the two web developers Jeppe and Kim with help from freelancers like Srdjan, who you might talk with over email.
Example of an Oxyelements design element and screenshots from Oxygen Builder style settings
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Meet the team

Here we are, the guys you will chat with on email, and who creates new designs for you.
Jeppe Høj, Co-founder of Oxyelements

Jeppe Høj

"Oxygen Builder is my go-to web development tool. With oxyelements in my toolkit, making websites has become much faster."
Kim Døfler, Co-founder of Oxyelements

Kim Døfler

"I love using Oxygen Builder, because it enables me to create the sites that I can imagine, rather than being limited to certain standard templates"
Srdjan Becanovic with Oxyelements

Srdjan Becanovic

"Oxygen gives you much more freedom than any other page builders. It's amazing how you can build rocket fast websites in no time."
We made oxyelements after having spent countless hours using Oxygen Builder for client projects.

We found ourselves making the same sort of elements again and again and got super excited when Oxygen Builder added the "third party design set" feature. 

We started building elements for our own use and quickly decided to make a proper selection that other people could benefit from too.

The designs in the oxyelements' design set are inspired by many different sources, but all share the same minimalistic and underlying philosophy.

We want the elements to be easy to tweak to any project.
Instead of adding a lot of specific flare and styling, we decided to keep it super clean. 

That way, the amount of customization you would have to do to the elements between projects would be next to nothing.
We also focused on giving elements meaningful CSS classes such as "rounded-borders", which will allow you to tweak the "roundedness" of all elements you use at once. Small concept, with a massive impact on time spent.

Oxyelements can save professional web developers crazy amount of time, and even allow a smaller agency or solopreneur to scale their business with VAs with little training.

With oxyelements, you can build a professional-looking website quickly, and customize them to suit your own or your client's brand identity.

Best of luck with oxyelements.
If you have questions before getting onboard or when starting out, we are always happy to help.
Shoot us a text here.

Jeppe, Kim, and Srdjan
Aka the oxyelements team